Beauty Institute
   17 ch. des Marais
    Vessy  -  Veyrier
    T. 022 349 95 32
    N. 078 614 62 60
The Mado Vuataz Institute - beauty salon - offers a wide range of cares, related to wellness and aesthetics.

The institute is especially well known for it's hearthwarming welcome, tailored care, and high-end products :

Cares :
- Facial care
- Manicure
- Epilations
- Reflexology
- Body care "Starvac" slimming

The institute is primarily focused on developing a quality service, adapted to the individuals needs, in Geneva (Switzerland), situated between Vessy, Veyrier, Troinex, not far from Vilette, Conches, Pinchat, Malagnou and Carouge)

It gives you the opportunity to feel a moment of relaxation and détente.

By appointment only from Monday - Friday
2006, Lauching the Institute : the first flyer